Should I study in Canada or the US?: Six motivations to pick Canada

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Rapid handling times for study licenses, top-quality instructive organizations, and an open and inviting society are only some of elements that impact worldwide understudies while picking whether to concentrate in Canada or the US. Curiously, Canada has seen a flood in applications by worldwide understudies. The biggest Canadian College, the College of Toronto has encountered a 20 percent expansion in the quantity of global applications in the most recent year, while Wilfrid Laurier College and McMaster College both detailed an expansion of more than 30%. For quite a while, the US was a significantly more mainstream objective for global understudies. So what changed? For what reason are understudies deciding to concentrate in Canada all things considered?

Troublesome U.S. visa strategy

One answer may be the dangerous visa strategy in the US. The Division of Country security has advanced a proposition which would require global understudies to reapply for their visa each year that they are in school in the US. Interestingly, the Canadian government urges its understudies to remain in the nation for as far as might be feasible. What’s more, the Trump organization has expressed it intends to force more noteworthy limitations on worldwide understudies who need to stay in the US after move to canada. The U.S. visa application framework is additionally a long and convoluted cycle, requiring serious investigation, addressing and a lot of pausing. The Canadian visa measure is less difficult and more limited, making it simpler for global understudies to get an investigation license.

Significant expense

Another explanation could be cost. In addition to the fact that studying in the US is more costly than the expense of studies in Canada, however monetary guide is much harder to get as a worldwide understudy in the US. Canadian colleges are bound to offer monetary guides or grants to worldwide understudies, something which is exceptionally uncommon in the US. Educational cost costs are just one side of the story – the typical cost for basic items is likewise a ton lower in Canada. Global understudies might be deciding to concentrate in Canada since it’s more moderate.

Canadian approach

As a conspicuous difference to what exactly some observe as antagonistic U.S. strategy towards outsiders, Canada plans to grasp worldwide understudies. By 2022, the Canadian government intends to acquire 450,000 worldwide understudies to Canada. Albeit worldwide understudies presently make up just 1 percent of the Canadian populace, the quantity of global understudies entering Canada has seen a 92 percent expansion since 2008. While in the US, the quantity of worldwide understudies developed by the slowest rate since 2009. These figures clarify that global understudies are progressively picking Canada over the US, which could be because of the approaches the Canadian government has embraced to draw in worldwide understudies.

Business Openings

As per the Canadian Global Instruction authority, the greater part of the worldwide understudy populace in Canada tries to get a lasting home in the long run. Worldwide understudies can work in Canada for as long as three years after they graduate on a Post-Graduation Work Grant (PGWP), which encourages them to look for some kind of employment and gives an entryway to lasting home and, ultimately, citizenship canada express entry. This is in no way, shape or form the case in the US where no work after graduation is permitted except if you have been supported. The overall discernment among worldwide understudies is that outsiders are not greeting in the U.S., and this will without a doubt influence their employability in the neighborhood market.